Bail bonds Port St. lucie, Florida | we are required to collect 10% of the bail as a premium

Bail Bonds Port St. Lucie, Florida – US

There is no need to go into the jail if a loved one has been incarcerated. Only a licensed bail bond agent can post bond for an individual. The most ideal time to give us, Bail Bonds, a call is when individuals are completing the in-processing at [email protected] Bail bonds Port St. lucie. The Florida Bail Bonds Process is highly regulated and Bail Bonds knows the process well. We offer bail bonds fastest release times in Martin County, Okeechobee County, Port St Lucie, Stuart, Vero Beach, Fort Pierce. The bail bond process is as follows:

The first step that needs to be completed is: obtaining the individuals booking number, the exact location where they are being held, a list of charges filed, as well as, the amount of the bail. Note: some cases a filed without a bond order, meaning not all people are eligible for bond. That decision is made on accordance to the Judge’s sentence.
Obtain the person’s full legal name (first, middle if applicable, and last) and their date of birth.
Have access to a fax machine if possible. If you do not have access to one, Kinko’s or other copy shops charge a small fee, normally $1 per page, to use their fax machine. Copy shops will then provide you with their fax number for you to use, call or go in to double check pricing information.

10% of the bail as a premium
Bail bonds Port St. lucie, By law, we are required to collect 10% of the bail as a premium. You will have to pay this amount or arrange financing with us to assemble the funds. Ft Bail Bonds accepts cash, credit cards, check and even provides financing.
We guarantee the full amount to the Court, as well as, the appearance of the individual. Note: You may be required to guarantee the appearance by providing collateral for the entirety of the bond. Collateral includes: a car, boat, house, or any other property of significant value.
Contact Bail bonds Port St. lucie at [email protected]   In order to have a successful bond arrangement, the Bail Agent will ask common questions relating to: who, what, where and why the particular individual is in custody. The Agent might also ask you more personal information about the individual in custody such as, personal history, previous and current employment status, previous arrests, time spent in current residence and many others. We will, most likely, have to be in contact with you several times so it is imperative that the phone number you provide is a current number we can reach you at.
In order for us (Bail Bonds port st. lucie), to arrange for the individuals release we first must contact the facility where the individual is being held. We will discuss exact bond information, then and only then, can we plan for release.
A Bail Agent will call you as soon as we have devised an appropriate plan and discussed bail with you. At a minimum, it takes several hours to complete the full release process, therefore we encourage your patience as we are doing everything in our power to help you.

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